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I've been part-time photographer for quite a while now.  I recently switched to doing photography full-time and opened a studio/gallery in The Arts Factory.  I am a fan of all types of photography.  I have experience shooting headshots, portraits and product/catalog.  In 2014 I had the opportunity to meet Peter Hurley and attend his 2 day Headshot Intensive.  I live here in Las Vegas with my 2 German Shepherds. 



Why is a professional headshot so important?  

It is your way to make sure people's first impressions are the right impression.  When you look at a person's profile pictures you want to see that they care about how they represent themselves.  Are you represented with a selfie or are you represented with a professional headshot?  Headshots create that first impression when you are being searched out online.  Many compare your headshot to a "digital handshake". 

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